Strontian Community School Building Ltd

Community Shares

£151,750 has now been invested
The Community Share Offer closes today, Tuesday 28/2/2017

Thank you - we are now over the £100,000 mark!

Thank you to all our investors and supporters. With just a day to go until the Share Offer closes there is the expected last minute flurry of interest . Now past our minimum target every share continues to make a huge difference by reducing the commercial bank loan requirement.

Video Advert

Pupils at Strontian Primary School have created a wonderful advert for the Project. You can view it via our website.

Another target - 50 Local Members.

We have another target… to have 50 local members of Strontian Community School Building Ltd. So if you live within the Strontian School catchment area (the qualifying postcodes are: PH33 7AF, PH36 4BB, PH36 4HX, PH36 4HY, PH36 4HZ, PH36 4JA, PH36 4JB, PH36 4JD, PH37 4LX) and haven't yet made an investment we'd be delighted if you could consider it - a minimum investment of £150 really will make a huge difference. If paying in instalments over a year makes it easier for you, please contact with your pledge. Thank you… your engagement in this projects counts. External investment is also welcome - at a minimum investment of £300 (sorry instalment terms not available)

Treasurer, Jamie Macintyre says: “We are delighted to have now reached our minimum target for community shares, which secures our commercial loan and ensures the project can proceed. However, we’d like to reduce the size of this loan if we can, by selling more shares in the few days remaining of our share offer. So if you haven’t invested yet, we still have plenty of shares available!”

SCSB in the news

An interview with Jamie Tait, secretary, featured in last Tuesday's BBC Highlands and Islands news. You can listen here at 2'47" A Press Release has been picked up in the media including The Herald

Posh Tea at Strontian Primary

On Sat 11th March, 3pm at Strontian Primary School, the pupils invite you to a 'posh afternoon tea'. At this event there will be a presentation update on the project and we hope to have good news to share about the Share Offer, land purchase and the design and build tenders. If you are in the area, we hope you will be able to come along on 11th March.

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